Start: August 1, 2019 Submissions Due: August 31, 2019 Winner Picked: September 30, 2019

Download: [H445] MC505 – Kit Menus


– Artists choice of free release with CVR
– Possible opportunity for premium release with CVR

– Top 3 tracks will be included in free release with future downloads of the samplepack.
This will include the project file*
– All entries submitted will be hosted on the samplepack page*

* (at artists discretion)


– You can only use the samples provided in the Samplepack.
– You are not limited to how much you cut apart the samples (single cycle waveforms etc), but you can not resample with effects.
– You can use any internal DSP/FX in your DAW as post fx on top of your sliced up single cycle etc.. (Envelope shaping will probably be useful).
– You can NOT use any VST/VSTi/AU etc.
– Keep your project file around just in case.
– Any DAW is allowed, even hardware samplers, but all rules still apply.

How to Submit?

1. You will need to create an account with us. This is to limit spam and make sure we can get in touch with you for purposes of this competition.
2. Upload your track (MP3/WAV/FLAC) somewhere we can download it from. (Dropbox, Soundcloud downloadable etc)*
3. Hit the Contact Us form, make sure the subject is relevant to this submission (ie. “Competition entry”)
4. Make sure to include the link to the music in the message.
5. If you feel like it, give us a little background into the creation of the track, the thought process while creating. What roadblocks did you hit? How did you overcome it?

* If you do not want to upload anywhere but to us, or by email etc. Hit the Contact Us form and we will get back to you.


Judging will be done by select artists already working with CVR.